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Wood barrels
several wasser beer bottles and a pint on a wood table with the wasser brewing co sign engraved
3 types of beers on a wood table outside
bottle of bourbon barrel beer and also in a cup

About Our Brews

Abiding Traditions

- beer brewed true to style -

Belgian Stout

Big and bold with rye and chocolate malt, this ale is also characterized by the abbey yeast from Belgium that adds plum and a slight spiciness. Served in a Belgian tulip glass. ABV 7.8% 

Belgian Blonde

A new experimental batch with the usual pilsner malt backbone, but using Ardennes yeast to make this easy-to-drink ale. ABV 5.8%

Hefeweizen German Wheat Ale

Light body and yeast flavors characteristic of banana and clove. ABV 5.1%

Irish Red Ale

This balanced malt forward ale features Irish ingredients and is a seasonal favorite. ABV 5.1%

Belgian Triple

A true Abby-style ale, the Triple is a seasonal strong pale ale. Served in a 10 oz Belgian tuliple glass. Limit 2 per customer. ABV 8.7%


This American India Pale Ale has British and American malt as well as 8 hop additions, including Cascade, CTZ, Simcoe, and Citra hops which bring in a tropical fruit and pine note. This special summer edition includes Amarillo hops for additional floral, tropical and citrus flavors. ABV 7% 

Pale Ale

Inspired by the founders of the craft beer movement, Anchor Brewing and Sierra Nevada, this traditional American pale ale features American grains, yeast, and hops such as Cascade, Centennial, and Willamette. ABV 5.5%

Oktoberfest Classic

Beer of the fall season. Vienna, Munich, and Aromatic malt balanced by noble hops such as Hallertau & Tettnang. ABV 5.6%

RESILIENCE Butte County Proud

A classic American IPA by Sierra Nevada, brewed to support relief efforts for The Camp Fire, the most destructive wildfire in California history. Every dollar you spend on this beer will go directly to those impacted. ABV 6.7%

Artistic Innovations

- unique variations with distinguished flavor profiles -

Emergency Action Plan

Triple IPA—an ale for when you need immediate treatment, featuring dank & resinous Chinook, as well as Cluster, Crystal, CTZ, Northern Brewer, and Warrior hops. Served in a Belgian tulip glass, this seasonal ale is for a crisis situation! [limit 2 per customer] ABV 10%


Smoked Dark Wheat—based on the Portuguese word for longing, melancholy, and nostalgia, this smoked ale is a perfect winter ale. ABV 6.8%

Wabash River Red

Red IPA—A rich malt note from German red malt is complemented by clean bitterness from multiple Centennial hop additions. The IBU of this ale sits between the APA and IPA categories. ABV 5.8%

Brown Ale

English and American grains fermented with Belgian yeast make this ale malt forward and complex. ABV 6.4%

Zehn Hopfen

American Pale Ale—German for ten hops, this ale unleashes 10 hop additions featuring simcoe and citra aroma hops with whole cone dry hop additions. ABV 5%

Pompitous of Summer (They call me Maurice)

A seasonal beer modeled after a classic Czech Pilsner w/German Hull Melon hops. Fruit forward w/ melon and strawberry notes. ABV 5.2%

*Bourbon Barrel Belgian Stout*

currently available in bottles only; same smooth, warm flavors!


Imperial IPA– This monster of hoppiness is balanced by a strong malt backbone, focusing on Centennial, Simcoe, and Cascade hops balanced by American 2 row and Marris Otter grains. ABV 7.6%

Hoppy Professor

Coffee Stout—one of Chris's first original recipes as a home brewer, a dry hopped stout made with Nicaraguan coffee from our local roaster, Jameson Coffee. ABV 5.3%


A rich malt note from German red malt, complemented by citrus aroma and flavor from Citra and Centennial hops. The IBU of this ale sits between the APA and IPA categories. ABV 6.3%

Old Gold

Belgian Pale Ale—a hybrid of a Belgian Golden with New World hops. Belgian Grains and yeast combine with hops from New Zealand to make a balanced, drinkable creation. Served in a Belgian tulip glass. ABV 5.9%

Bourbon Barrel Belgian Stout

A standard from the Abiding Traditions list with a 21st century twist, this stout boasts the unmistakable flavors of bourbon barrel aging. Served in a 10 oz Belgian tulip glass. ABV 7.9%

County Fair American Pale Ale

APA—a super-charged version of American hops, featuring a newly developed hop, Idaho 7, described as a classic American hop on steroids. ABV 6.5%